How can I participate in giving?

Giving is easy at St. Martin's. 

You can give a one time donation online or set up recurring payments by clicking the

 "Make a Donation" button below. 

We also ask our church community to make an annual gift commitment each year. 

Consider making a monthly or annual gift to give back to God.

You can make a pledge by filling out this form.

Giving at St. Martin's

At St. Martin's we strive to be generous with our time, talent, and treasure.  We give our time by serving in the community with our Faith in Action Ministry Team. We give of our talent by sharing our gifts that make us unique. 

This can be helping a neighbor, being there for a friend in a difficult time, or sharing your professional expertise.  

We give our treasure with joy and gratitude for all that God has provided for us. 

 "All things come of the Thee, O Lord, and of Thine own have we given Thee"