The Sunday Service

At St. Martin’s we worship in the Anglican tradition. We are guided by the Book of Common Prayer. One of the characteristics of Episcopal worship is participation. We all actively participate in the service through reading, praying, singing and communion. Our worship invites us to participate in the Christian life in and outside the church walls.


If you are new to liturgical worship, know that the only mistake you can make is forgetting why you came. Our program or bulletin will provide you all the information you will need to participate in the service. You are also welcome to listen and reflect. We celebrate communion every week and all baptized people are welcome to receive. If you would like a blessing please come to the altar rail, cross your arms on your chest, and the priest will say a blessing.

8:30am Classic Prayer Book Service

With Choir and Organ. Liturgy from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, with Holy Communion. Music from the Hymnal.


10:30am Casual Chapel Service

With guitar and musicians. Order of worship from the Global Church, with Holy Communion. Music from the Cursillo, and African-American traditions.  As well as contemporary Praise & Worship.


We encourage you to come every week and engage with our liturgy. Our hope is that our worship together will inspire and uplift you.


Thank you for worshipping with us.