Refreshed Strategic Plan

At the request of Senior Warden Michelle Striggow, the Committee which developed the 2017 Strategic Plan and served as the Discernment Team for our Rector Search gathered over the Winter and Spring to review and refine St. Martin’s strategic plan.  We are pleased to announce that the Vestry approved the Refreshed three-year strategy at their June meeting. 


This updated strategy is founded on the same mission that has served St. Martin’s well over the past four years:   Bringing Jesus into life, by the lake and in the world. 



Based on reflections of both what was working well and how we could better live our mission, the new plan reinforces many of the central themes and strengthens some key areas.  Our refreshed strategy:

  • Keeps our mission of putting Jesus Christ at the center of everything we do at St. Martin’s.
  • Clarifies terminology; the confusing terminology around “impact groups” has been replaced with Ministry Teams.
  • Crystalizes the areas of focus of each of the Ministry Teams to better reflect the needs and strengths of St. Martin’s:  Worship, Generosity, Faith in Action, Fellowship, Pastoral Care, Sacred Spaces, and Strategy/Viability.
  • Aligns our teams of clergy, staff and parishioner leaders with the strategies to provide greater clarity of roles and responsibilities.
  • Serves as a management tool as we will now organize all communications, meeting agendas, and budgets according to this strategic plan.   

The Vestry approved a general framework to define success under each of the Ministries, and each year, the Vestry, Foundation, Clergy and Staff will set annual goals, report out on metrics to gauge progress toward those goals, and report on that progress to the congregation in the Annual Report & Meeting. 


We want this to be YOUR plan and invite you to not only be informed about this strategy, but to become actively engaged in making this strategy come alive!  Join us as we Bring Jesus into Life at St. Martin’s by-the-Lake! 


We look forward to an opportunity to further discuss the strategic plan during an upcoming Forum over the summer. In the meantime, each of us would be pleased to have a conversation with you about this plan and how it was developed.  Thanks for your interest. 


With excitement about where St. Martin’s is headed,


The Strategic Planning Committee


Jeff Breazeale

John Culliton

Aimee Guidera

Char Hovi

Michelle Striggow