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Join us this week

Join us this week:

Thursday, September 17th at 10 am Bible Study.  Zoom link here

Friday, September 18th 7 pm Outdoor Eucharist. Sign Up here

Friday, September 18th 8 pm Bonfire. Sign up here

Sunday, September 20th 8 am Sunrise Outdoor Eucharist. Sign up here

Tuesday, September 22nd at 10 am Outdoor Eucharist. Sign-up here

Tuesday, September 22nd at 5 pm for Holy Happy Hour  Sign-up here


Examen: Tuesday, September 29th 7 pm on Zoom

Missed a service, no problem.  here are recordings of previous services:

AUGUST 30, 2020 with fr. jeff hupf preaching link here

August 23, 2020 with fr. jeff hupf preaching: link here


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