Getting Involved at St. Martin's

The best way to meet people and integrate into a community is to get involved.  We do acknowledge that not everyone wants another community to be active in, some wish to come and worship...and that's it.  Wonderful.  We also know that some people need to roll up their sleeves and do something to be part of a community.  Know that we lead with conversation.  Before we put you to work we want to know who you are. Below are a few places to start.

  • Welcome Brunch

    If you are new to St. Martin's we want to take you out to a "no strings attached" lunch. Held several times a year after the 10:30 a.m. service, our desire is to get to know you better.  This is also a chance for you to get to know us and others who are new to St. Martin's. Kids are always welcome!  To inquire contact Karen DeLorenzo

  • Alpha

    For those of you who have "questions about life" or are looking to dive into community ALPHA is the place to start. This is a 6 week course that addresses different tenets of the Christian faith and emphasizes conversation and dialogue.  If you're looking for a debate this is not your venue.  Sunday evenings we share a meal, listen to a brief teaching then discuss and close with prayer.  Alpha is a great place to engage faith and meet people on a deep level. To register for our next Alpha.

  • Volunteering and Safe Church

    There are lots of places to volunteer in and outside of St. Martin's, check out our "partners page".  Our first step ministries are Greeting, Ushering, Choir (no experience necessary), and Hospitality (cooking and baking). These ministries are easy to join and easy to meet people at St. Martin's. To volunteer contact Karen DeLorenzo.

    We have a host of other ministries as well, but these require that we get to know you a bit better.  Ministries involving kids, visiting people, Lay Reading, serving on a committee or participating in the worship service.  This is because we are a certified "Safe Church". Safe church is how we make sure that St. Martin's remains a safe space for everyone. If you are interested in one of these ministries please contact MerLynne Byrne.