Children and Youth Life Groups

at St. Martin's

At St. Martin's we embrace the truth that children are a gift from God.  Our community takes the responsibility of loving and nurturing children with great joy.  Whether your child joins you throughout the whole service or after Sunday school we love children and want them involved in all aspects of the church.  We acknowledge that children sometimes sing their own praises to God, it's okay.  It's part of being a community.


    10:15 am All ages gather in lower level with a small breakfast with grade groups to follow.

                        4 year to Grade 3 (Classrooms, lower level)

                        Grades 4-6 (Evenstad Room, upper level)

                        Grades 7-12 (Youth Room, upper level)

  • Nursery: Newborn - 3 years old

    We have a nursery staffed with current and former parents that will look after your child during the service.  You can drop off or pick up your child at anytime during the service.  The nursery is located on the lower level directly under the sanctuary.

  • Splash Zone: 4 - Grade 3

    Our grade school children attend "Splash Zone" during the liturgy of the Word (the first half of the service), then they join their families at the time of the Peace.  

    • Share – We share our faith stories, bible stories and we share ourselves with the church community and beyond.
    • Play – We believe that we can all play in the Spirit of Christ and experience the joy and wonder of our faith
    • Learn – We know that when we gather as a faith community our children learn more about who they are and who they are in relation to God.
    • Art – We create, reflect, and respond to the stories of our faith through multimedia art experiences.
    • Sing – We gather to sing and move to praise the Lord.
    • Holy Spirit – We are baptized in the name of the Holy Spirit and live out our faith each day.

     The Splash Zone is located on our lower level under the parish hall.

  • WADE IN: Grades 5-8

    Knowing that middle school students are slowly wading into their faith journey, this group meets on the last Sunday of the month from 11:30 -1:30 pm to share lunch together and  have fun with great themed events. 

  • Navigate: Grades 9-12

    Understanding that teens are coping with school, friendships, family relationships, sports, and activities we gather to help one another navigate through these years by exploring their own faith and its impact on each of these areas. This group meets on Sunday evenings 5:30 -7:30 pm for dinner and programming.